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Safety Knowledge Assessment

We Dig Deep

We don't just tell you what you should do. We go deeper, actually taking apart machinery to determine how it could possibly harm an employee, whether that risk is due to pneumatic or electric machinery or poses a crushing risk or a fall risk. Using that detailed information, we create assessments that help you as the employer make sure you are offering safe, hazard-free spaces. This could encompass any of the following and more:

  •   Lock Out/Tag Out procedures (LOTO)
  •   General housekeeping
  •   Slip, trip, and fall hazards
  •   Lack of emergency procedures
  •   Electrical hazards
  •   Ergonomic problems
  •   Equipment operation and maintenance
  •   Fire protection
  •   Work organization and process flow
  •   Work practices
  •   Workplace violence
  •   Machinery hazards
  • From material safety data sheets (MSDS) to safety data sheets (SDS), we address it all.

    What We Do

  •   Collect existing information about workplace hazards.
  •   Inspect the workplace for safety hazards.
  •   Create checklists that highlight things to look for.
  •   Conduct regular inspections of all operations, equipment, work areas and facilities.
  •   Verify that hazardous conditions have been corrected.
  •   Identify health hazards (chemical, physical, biological, ergonomic, etc.).
  •   Identify hazards associated with emergency and non-routine situations.
  •   Characterize the nature of identified hazards, identify interim control measures, and prioritize the hazards for control.
  • We'll keep you safe...

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