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Here at OSHA Compliant Consultant, we are proud to serve a wide variety of industries with our skilled consulting services, including but not limited to, construction, manufacturing, trucking, government, healthcare and hospitals, and food.

Let's go into more detail on each:

  •   Trucking: Pre route preparation, load securement, vehicle maintenance, CSA scores, top violations, driver culture, fleet safety (boots on the ground/ in the cab vs. virtual), mirror check stations, hiring and retention programs, etc.
  •   Government agencies/municipalities, schools: Claims management, accident investigations, safety training programs, catastrophe plans, active shooter drills, etc.
  •   Construction: On-site safety plans, site audits, toolbox safety talks, virtual safety training material, site safety preparation, accident reduction/elimination program.
  •   Manufacturing: OSHA site visit walk-through 24/7 (if they show up, we walk with them: expert challenging expert), employee safety training courses, audit and training documentation, LOTO etc.
  •   Healthcare/ Hospital: OSHA complaint rapid response, JAHCO assistance programs, compliance programs and training, worker safety programs (lifting, needle sticks, workplace violence), etc.
  •   Food industry: MSDS or SDS, Chemical storage, slip/trips/falls, drug and alcohol policies and procedures, employee training programs specific to your needs, etc.
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