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It's here! Our one-of-a-kind web app that provides instant access to our OSHA experts. One click of a button and you are immediately connected to our experts. The app can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet, so you are not tied to one phone. Surprise inspections, accidents, workplace incidents - instant counseling and qualified advice are now right at your fingertips.
Looking for long-term safety solutions or employee training and certifications? Call us or schedule an appointment to meet.


Workplace Safety

We offer a complete range of safety and health management services. Talk to our experts about safety and health assessments and consulting, wall-to-wall inspections, environmental studies, compliance, machine guarding, custom innovative solutions and more.


Safety Training

Ensure your employees' complete safety competency. Choose training that works for you: on-site, off-site or virtual programs are available. Full range of safety education from toolbox safety to OSHA 10-30 hr certification.


OSHA Representation

Whether you are in the middle of an inspection or need qualified expert support at OSHA hearings, we are well equipped and prepared to handle any situation. Let our experts' knowledge, experience and tenacity protect your interests and your business. OSHA App


Emergency Support

Surprise OSHA inspection? A workplace accident? Call us! We have the tools and the expertise to be there when you need us most. Do not guess what your next step should be. Use our app for immediate emergency response.

OSHA Emergency

OSHA Compliance

Your Safety is Our Business

Your health and safety always come first. We are here to make sure that your business is fully compliant with OSHA requirements and regulations. We keep track of the OSHA due dates and deadlines and keep abreast with the news, changes and updates in the safety law and regulations. Always at the cutting edge of compliance tools and technology, we find the most efficient, budget-friendly individualized solutions for every client.




Our success is your safety

OSHA Consultants & Training

Find the Right Staff

Looking to hire a Loss Control or a Safety Manager, but don't know where to start? With our vast network of professionals, we will be happy to select just the right candidates for you.
Taking into account your company's specific needs and culture, we ensure you find the best match, whether you are looking to hire one person or an entire team.

Safety Training Classes

We offer a wide range of on-site, off-site and virtual safety training courses.

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