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Human Resources

As an employer, especially a small one, you may find it tough to identify your work site's hazards and successfully implement federal and state standards effectively.

We Know HR

As your trusted OSHA compliance consultants, we can advise you on all aspects of human resources concerns for your business. Being compliant in HR as it relates to OSHA regulations is an overwhelming task that your existing HR team may not be able to fully handle, particularly when an incident has occurred.

We can implement anything from written policies to offering employee monitoring and coaching. And as a certified documentation specialist, you can rest assured we hit all major requirements across the broad OSHA spectrum.

We Are On Your Side

Whether you're an attorney or an employer, we work with you to ensure you are protected in the event an employee gets hurt on the job. Even near misses require investigations. Our investigation and analysis services also serve to help control or prevent future accidents by determining the root cause.

Our HR Services

  •   Policy (writing and expert knowledge)
  •   Recruitment, Retention, Caliber
  •   Employee monitoring and coaching
  •   Workman's Comp, FMLA, OSHA, EEOC claims
  •   Insurance: Election, Comprehension, Education
  •   Leadership: Training, awareness, coaching, disaster planning, active shooter drills
  •   Documentation: certified documentation specialist
  • We'll keep you safe...

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