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We believe in a "boots on the ground" approach to every project. We are there, on site, working with our clients, living their everyday lives. It's the only way we can truly understand every detail, every need, every person. Such experience allowed us to assemble an extremely talented group of people, whose expertise covers essentially every need our clients have or might have.

Our team covers all OSHA compliance and representation aspects, from compiling and submitting annual data sheets, to attending inspections and hearing representations. We are proud of our ability to assess your business from health, safety, organizational and even financial standpoint and find a unique solution designed just for you. We are experienced trainers and deliver a wide range of courses and a choice of learning environment.
One of our most popular services that has had great success is our Emergency Response. Now, with our new Web App, our clients can reach us at any time with just a push of a button.

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Company Mission

OSHA Compliance Consulting has begun in 2010 as a health and safety consulting firm, born out of the insurance industry. Founded by Prof. Pamela Lauber, the company was based on the recognition of a need for a safety advisory group that would truly have clients' interests at heart. "We are in this for one reason only - because we want to use our expertise to help people" says Lauber. "We have seen too many companies providing band-aid solutions. I knew there was a need for someone like us. We are there to protect our clients and to do the job right".

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OSHA - Workplace safety, OSHA representation, OSHA emergency support, compliance and safety training

Our Safety Training Classes

Safety Culture - Onsite, offsite and virtual OSHA training

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